• 501 Main Street & 207 E Front Street
    Hattiesburg, MS 39401
    Forrest County
  • Property Type:
    Commercial Property

Commercial Property For Sale in Hattiesburg, MS

Investment Property For Sale | Historic Real Estate

# 304-4

Property Description

The Future of Real Estate (FRE) is pleased to present the opportunity to acquire two beautifully restored historic apartment buildings totaling 52-units with ±12,710 SF retail and commercial space. Strong overall occupancy of 92%+ with very little turnover or vacancy periods.

Property consists of two apartment buildings which together are the "Hub City Lofts", the Carter Building (501 Main Street) and the America Building (207 East Front St); which are located directly adjacent to each other in the heart of Downtown Hattiesburg. There are 49 total parking spaces at Hub City Lofts for residents and tenants.

The Carter Building:

  • Originally constructed in 1904
  • The building retains the characteristic turn of the century elements including flat and arched fenestration ornamented with dripstones and rock-faced masonry, cast iron columns and cornices
  • Quality finishes throughout the interior of the building
  • 32 Apartment Units (Size ranges from ±566 SF to ±1,181 SF)
  • Six-story building

  • Apt. units have been restored with new kitchens, baths, windows and updated heating and air conditioning
  • Original hardwood floors have been refurbished in each of the units.
  • ±8,658 SF of commercial ground floor space

The America Building:

  • Built in 1907
  • Five-story building
  • 20 Apartment Units (sizes range from ±581 SF to ±1,467 SF)
  • ±4,052 SF of commercial space on first floor
  • Apt. Units have been reconfigured to allow for natural light and open living.
  • Kitchen and baths of apt. units feature modern hardware and fixtures with custom stained cabinets and stainless steel appliances.
  • New windows, heating and air conditioning systems ensure maximum comfort year round

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Broker of Record for this property: Doug Rushing Realty, Inc., MS license #16355

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Required Offer Deposit: US $1,000
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Patrick Kelleher Event Manager The Future of Real Estate (FRE) P: (949) 706-6117 E: pkelleher@fre.com
Alan Bridevaux Property Representative Doug Rushing Realty, Inc. P: (601) 249-3400 M: (601) 249-8436 E: alan@dougrushingrealty.com

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