• North East Corner of Agua Fria Ranch
    Santa Nella, CA 95322
    Merced County
  • Property Type:
  • Lot Size:
    ±39.69 acres

Land For Sale in Santa Nella, CA

±39.69 Acres in Merced County

Auction #324-2

Property Description

The Future of Real Estate FRE is pleased to present the Online Auction Plus event (ALLOWS FOR CONTINGENCIES) for a ±39.69 Acres in Santa Nella, CA.

Property Features & Highlights:

  • ±39.69 Acres
  • Quiet secluded country property
  • Easily accessible and less than 50 miles from San Jose
  • Escape from city traffic and high housing costs to a lifestyle that you can make your own.
  • Location: Less than two hours to San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterey Peninsula, Yosemite, & Big Sur
  • Short distance from intersection of I-5 and Highway 152
  • Build your dream home

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This is an Auction Plus event in which a financing contingency is permitted. On the bid form you will be asked to include financing details.

For further details about Financing, please read the Terms and Conditions of Sale located in the Documents section or contact the FRE.com Support Team.

Broker of Record for this property: T. Kaljian Real Estate & Associates, CA license #00528796

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BID DEADLINE: Feb 25 5:00 pm PST
Minimum Bid
US $199,000
Previous List Price: US $399,000
Required bid deposit: US $1,000.00
Show values in:
Contingencies may be included with your bid
Auction Ended
Patrick Kelleher Event Manager The Future of Real Estate (FRE) P: (949) 706-6117 E: pkelleher@fre.com
Marlene Lefmann Property Representative T. Kaljian Real Estate P: (760) 831-2400 E: mklefmann@aol.com
Thomas Kaljian Property Representative T. Kaljian Real Estate P: (209) 826-8864 E: tom@losbanosrealestate.com

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