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KBS Real Estate Investment Trust II, Inc.

Property Portfolio
Diversified, Industrial, Mortgage, Office
Per Share Data
Original Share Price US $10.00
Net Asset Value US $4.89
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KBS Real Estate Investment Trust II, Inc. uses a “hybrid” real estate investment strategy by acting as both an owner of real property and as a lender. It acquired a diversified blend of Class A office and industrial properties in major metropolitan markets, as well as real estate-related loans. The strategy of KBS REIT II is intended to provide increased risk management as well as broad portfolio diversification by property type, geographical region, investment size, and investment risk. The REIT’s portfolio consists primarily of core real estate assets and strategic debt investments. The majority of its portfolio is allocated to investments in core properties (see below), and the remaining portion of the portfolio to real estate-related investments such as mortgage, mezzanine, bridge and other loans; debt and derivative securities related to real estate assets, including mortgage-backed securities; and the equity securities of other REITs and real estate companies. Core properties, which are generally lower risk, existing properties with at least 80% occupancy and minimal near-term lease rollover, invested in to date include: • Office properties — low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise office buildings and office parks in urban and suburban locations, especially those that are in or near central business districts or have access to transportation; and • Industrial properties — warehouse and distribution facilities, office/warehouse flex properties and light industrial properties.

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